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Bringing Industry Experts & Hostels Together
Hostel.consulting helps address the root causes of reoccurring problems and identify a variety of opportunities in your hostel.
Our services are proven to achieve results in customer satisfaction ratings, increased revenue, marketing, bottom-line profitability, and overall operational efficiency.

Our Services

We tailor to your needs

Revenue Management

We have a team trained in Revenue Management. We are the only ones in this field who focus exclusively on hostels. Our proven track record shows that this service doesn't cost money it makes it!

Pre-Opening Consultancy

Don’t make common and costly errors in building plans, room layouts, PMS selection, Human Resources and general operations. Our expertise in hostel management is in place. Let us share it with you!

Operational Diagnosis

An in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the hostel’s Human Resources, Operations, Revenue Management, Marketing and Sales, IT, Supply Chain and Finances.

Action Plan & Implementation

Creation of a comprehensive Action Plan to strengthen opportunities found in the Operational Diagnosis and Guidance throughout it's Implementation.

Why hostel.consulting

We appreciate the key differences between operating a hotel and a hostel

Hotel management is an established field that educates the industry in all aspects of opening and operating a hotel. Everything from reception and housekeeping to revenue management, has established standards and available resources to train owners and staff at all levels.

Hostel management is a completely different structure with unique operational needs! Hostel management is much less standardized as a discipline. Most hostels are still experimenting in the dark, using “trial and error” to guide their business practices; from reception to management and even ownership. Skip the uncertainty and let our experts share their experience with your hostel.

New Hostels

Skip the learning curve

Stop costly mistakes in pre-planning and launch before even making them

Fast track to the proven and innovative methods that achieve results

Organize an efficient and sustainable operation from the very beginning

Existing Hostels

Recognize root problems and deal with them to strengthen the opportunities in your hostel

Un-tap the knowledge of Industry experts with years of experience to guide yours to the results your hostel is capable of

Organize and structure your establishment in a way for your business to be sustainable rather than dependant on you or any other person in it

Potentialize your sales to the maximum


  • We started working with Hostel.consulting in February 2019. Lior and Beatriz not only helped us with technical issues like dynamic pricing, setting up a non – refundable rates and optimisation of the sales channels but also provided helpful insight into our private rooms and dorms setting and day-to-day operations.

    The impact of the changes was immediate. Our revenue one month after they left was +30% compared to prior year and other months show even better numbers. Our cancellation rate dropped significantly and we got higher occupancy in our shared dorms which was one of our main issues. They also provided very useful documentation manual, so all the important changes we made into our processes were easy to implement and learn by our staff.

    We especially valued their individual approach, and the fact that they really took their time to research our property and its place on the market - competition, location, demographics etc. and listened to what we wanted to achieve. They showed not only flexibility but also creativity and strong patience while on site. We are situated in a small town so the model is quite different as opposed to big cities. This really just proves they can work with any client, of any size, at any location.

    Overall evaluation of services provided by Hostel.consulting is pure satisfaction. The money we paid were back in increased revenue in a month. I would recommend hostel.consulting to any hostel without any doubt.

    Eva Dlabalova

    Owner Long Story Short Hostel & Café

  • I’ve worked with hostel.consulting since 2022 and the service has been absolutely vital to the hostel! They helped set up all operational systems, staff training, and revenue management. It has been a complete hostel service and was exactly what we needed. The Hostel didn’t have anything set up correctly and Robert arrived and spent a lot of time starting from scratch and creating best practices and great systems for the hostel to use. This helped our operations significantly and we saw this as well in our reviews which reflected the work done by Robert and Lior.

    The revenue management service they continue to provide managed well exceeded our expectations and gave us an increase of 43% over the previous year! Their dedication to the project is outstanding and the ongoing support is greatly appreciated by us all! Overall The Hostel is in a much better place after the support of hostel.consulting to help us get kick-started and thrive!

    Nibhan Afaq

    Owner, The Hostel Edinburgh

  • I started working with hostel.consulting in April 2017 both for Operations and Revenue Management. Since then, Goodmorninghostel’s TRevPAB (Total Revenue per Available Bed) increased by more than 20%! Also I appreciate the support with decisions I have to make in an industry that is getting more and more difficult And competitive. Thank you hostel.consulting!


    Owner Goodmorning Hostel

  • It is very helpful to have the kind of outside rational and objective opinions which hostel.consulting provide.

    With their help in revenue and yield management we increased by two digits from the previous year and the results were immediate.

    Due to their advice in sales strategy we quickly went from 11% direct bookings to an amazing 30% in only 6 short months. Best of all, with their assistance in room configuration we increased our occupancy, over bookings became a thing of the past and "Tetris" went back to being child's play.

    Our operations consultant is one of few people outside of the company that we can really trust. I personally recommend the seminars on coaching or personal accountability. They helped our managers in seeing a new approach to common daily problems.

    Joao Teixeira

    Owner/Operator Destination Hostels

  • "With 12 years experience in the hostel industry we've worked with and seen some similar advisors but none with such results. Hostel.consulting's guidance made our jobs (and that of those we work with) much more comfortable and efficient, everyone stopped wasting time and money and started improving their revenue and reviews. The investment made in the services was paid back instantly by added income and reduced costs so no money was really spent. I have no doubt to recommend hostel.consulting to any hostel or hostel-related business. There is always room for improvement and hostel.consulting is the place to start. "

    Adrian Iglesias

    Founder and CEO at Tour Me Out

  • Our hostel coach Lior has proven to be a great asset to our operations as he is constructively critical and in no way a “yes man" which is exactly what we wanted from a consultant.  He has the natural ability to “think outside the box" yet is also willing to debate and listen to other opinions.  We are constantly being challenged with fresh approaches and perspectives which take us out of our normal routines and push us to new heights.  The results are numerous and best of them all is that due to the insights and expertise in Revenue Management of hostel.consulting our Revenue Per Available Bed has never been as high.

    Quishan and Himali

    Owners & Operators Tattva Design Hostel