AdoptAHostel: A Gift Card Campaign for Hostels

Lior SlepkovNews

Coronavirus is endangering our hostels. AdoptAHostel Campaign reaches out to hostel supporters of the world to help these hostels survive through the purchase of gift cards and/or donations.

Hostels around the blobe are closing their doors due to the coronavirus situation. Those who are able to stay open are doing so with devastating occupancy rates. Although many governments have created aid packages in hopes of helping small businesses avoid bankruptcy, in most cases it is not enough to stay afloat. With employee wages, rents and many other fixed operating expenses with a little to zero income, many hostels can simply not survive as they wait to reopen and for demand to return.

Together with Budgettraveler and Stay The Night, hopes to be able to help! We are launching the AdoptAHostel gift card campaign to inject immediate cashflow into hostels through the sales of gift cards and public donations. We hope that with this campaign hostels can help to cover their fixed expenses and survive through the crisis to see their hostels full once again.

What you need to do:

If you are a hostel at risk of closing permanently and would like to join AdoptAHostel sign up bellow.

You will need to create your own gift cards to be sold on your website and We have reached out to Gift Up! who are supporting the hosteling community by waving their 3.49% fee for the first 5,000€ in gift card sales. Use this link to sign up and take advantage of this very generous offer.
*Note that Gift Up! gift cards can also be manually created by your hostel. Thus they can be used as a voucher for cancelations to which you are issuing a credit for future reservations

Although we hope it’s not the case, if your hostel closes permanently, any gift cards will no longer be redeemable. Please ensure you inform yourself of the gift card legalities in your country in case of closure and/or bankruptcy.

What AdoptAHostel will do for you:

  • Guide you through the steps of setting up your own gift cards as well as accepting donations;
  • Show you how to properly market them to your audience;
  • List you on once you have your gift cards available to purchase (according to our guidelines);
  • Create public awareness of the AdoptAHotel campaign asking for support of hostels through the purchase of gift cards and/or donations.

Together, let’s save our hostels so we may enjoy them when we are able to do so once again!